Tanjong Pargar Railway


After a merry go round walk we arrived at the exhibition site, framed by the Open Exhibition poster in Gotham typography. Such a useful font. We loaned out Samsung tablets installed with an app and went around hunting memories of the station. From the stories of Uncle Dola who sold tickets for over a decade to lovers torn by the tracks of time. We walked through the different routes that brought us around abandoned spaces. Not a fan of virtual reality but this was a nice glimpse into snippets of stories past. Curated by a small team so pat on the back for reviving old tales. It was surprisingly quiet for a weekend and more works to go through would have been appreciated of a place people once fondly remember. 




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Out in the wild, up to the occasional mischief and making something new. Surprises are fun, nonsense is intriguing, passion all the more enticing and the rest is rust and stardust.

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